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Ordering Your Patent Search Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 08 August 2008 16:32

Before you start the process, determine what type of search you want us to conduct.   There are four options:


·          A search limited to the United States Patent & Trademark Office ("USPTO") files

·          A search of the World Intellectual Property Organization files (an international search)

·          A search of non-patented products being sold in the United States ("U.S. Product Search")

·          Our comprehensive search ("Comprehensive Search"), includes all three of the above searches for a single price.


Once you've decided on which search option you desire either (a) take a digital photograph of your invention (if your invention has already been reduced to physical form), or (b) draw a sketch of your invention if it hasn't yet been reduced to physical form and then convert the drawing to digital form (PDF or JPG/JPEG format only, please), if at all possible, by having it scanned into your computer.


Now you are ready to start.  Here are the steps you will need to follow.


1.    Click on the desired search type button below and make the payment for the search online using your credit card.  All payments made as part of the online order form submission process are handled through PayPal, the electronic payments processor for all online payments intended for SearchQuest.   (NOTE: If, for some reason, you're unable to make your payment through PayPal, you'll need to discuss your situation with a SearchQuest representative and arrange for some other form of payment in advance.  You may reach our representative by calling us at 1-720-535-5219.)

2.    If you use PayPal to pay, please be aware that you do not need a PayPal account to do so.  You can simply pay with your credit card.   In order to do so, use the left-hand side of the PayPal form and fill in the required information.  Please note that your receipt will come from FLC LLC d/b/a FLeCusa International.   Once you've paid, you will receive an acknowledgement via e-mail from PayPal to that effect. 

3.    After you’ve completed the payment process, a form will be displayed that you will need to fill out.  Carefully fill in your contact information (Double check it.  This is the only way we can contact you.)   Answer all of the questions on the form.  If something doesn’t apply to you put "N/A" in the box. 

4.    Verify your contact information.  The information regarding your invention needs to be as complete as possible. The written description should describe the photo or drawing that is being submitted or delivered to us.  When you have completed the form, and filled in the “captcha" code at the bottom, you should click the “submit” button.  This will transmit your information to our order processing department. 

5.    A new page will appear thanking you for your order and explaining how to send your photos to us. You will need to submit the digitized version (in PDF or JPG/JPEG format only, please) of a drawing or drawings or a photo or photos of your invention by emailing it to the address on the submission form.   Alternatively, if the photo(s) or drawing(s) of your invention is/are not stored in digital form, and if you have no way of having the photo(s) or drawing(s) scanned and converted to digital form, then you may either fax it/them to us at 1-720-535-5220 or "snail mail"  copy(ies) to us at our contact address appearing on our "Contact Us' page within this website.


All of the information you provide is considered confidential and will not be shared or sold to any person or organization.

The more complete the information you provide, the more complete and accurate your search will be.   If you're using a sketch of your invention instead of a photo, the sketch can be rough and in pencil with erasures.   Label important parts that are key to your invention.  As previously indicated (see above) digital photographs are fine.   In your description don't worry about grammar, punctuation or spelling.   The more the searcher understands your invention, the better the resulting search.

NOTE: If you have trouble understanding or otherwise using the order submission page, please send an e-mail, that includes your phone number, to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Our webmaster will contact you. 

*The price quoted is for a typical, simple, mechanical-type product search.  More complex electrical, software, or biological searches may cost more and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS:  Please note that if you chose our Comprehensive Search product offering be advised that it includes a "patent and product" search only.  It does not include an evaluation of prior art nor does it deal with the question of whether or not your invention is ultimately patentable.  However, if you desire professional help in evaluating your search results, we can provide you with this service for an additional fee.   Please contact us via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone at (720) 535-5219, and we'll arrange to have one of our IP professionals provide such assistance.

The patents offered in the resulting search report will be a sampling based on the information provided by the requestor, field of search and the integrity of the patent collection at the US Patent and Trademark Office, the WIPO and the EPO ("European Patent Office").  Search is limited by information which can be obtained through free public access. There is no guarantee made or implied that every patent or piece of prior art which may be considered relevant is presented in this search report.  No guarantees are made with regard to how this information is used or interpreted by the recipient.







U.S. Product


$499.00* **

As an additional accommodation to our customers, SearchQuest offers a variety of other, custom-tailored patent, as well as non-patent-related searches.   Ask one of our customer service repsentatives for details and pricing.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 November 2009 20:17

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